Olifantsrus Campsite


Olifantsrus campsite is the latest campsite edition to Etosha National Park. It offers camping sites only and no accommodation. The untamed northwest outback of Etosha Park has a transit route available to all travellers. There is a new Accommodation Camp by the name of Dolomite camp.

Olifantsrus campsite offers an excellent transit towards the northwest of Etosha Park. It is halfway between Okaukuejo and the new northwest gate called Galton gate. This is indeed the wild side of the park. Olifantsrus has built a great watering hole with some night game viewing possible. The wooden walkways and decks allow for an elevated view over the watering hole. It is the escape into the wild side camp of Etosha National Park.

What makes the Olifantsrus campsite attractive is that you can enter and exit the Etosha park towards The North of Namibia. In the past, the public was not allowed in these park parts. However, it has opened a new route for travellers seeking the less travelled road and enjoying the more remote and less crowded parts of Etosha Park.

Olifantsrus Campsite

  • Perfect two-day stopover when visiting the Northwest of the Park.
  • Large open campsites.
  • Excellent waterhole.
  • There are a Wooden deck and walkways to the waterhole.
  • The wild side of Etosha National Park.
  • Day visitors allowed.

Visit Etosha Park this season and book your journey to the north. We recommend that you stay at Olifantsrus and not just make a day trip to the campsite. The distance is far from Okaukuejo's main camp. It is best to have a sleepover and ensure a relaxed game drive towards this new campsite. Travellers entering at Galton gate is best to stay over instead of driving through the park in one attempt.

Facilities include:

  • Ten campsites with power points
  • Interpretation Centre
  • Communal kitchen with a two-plate gas stove and a fridge
  • Ablution blocks (Toilets and Showers)
  • A kiosk that sells (beverages, light meals, snacks and cooldrinks)
  • Museum
  • Ablution Facilities

Namibia Wildlife Resorts Accommodation Information


  • Max 8 people and 2 cars per campsite
  • Children from 6-12 years old pay half price and children under six stay free of charge
Namibia Wildlife Resorts Product Pricing


Camping & Vehicle Rates

Nov 2023 - June 2024 July 2024 - Oct 2024
Campsite - max 8 NAD 460 NAD 460
Vehicle NAD 30 NAD 30
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