Sesriem Campsite


Sesriem campsite is in the heart of the Namib Naukluft Reserve. It is the gateway to some of the largest dunes in Namibia. Sesriem has been upgraded and offers a tranquil setting on the edge of Namib. You can view the dunes and beautiful landscapes from your campsite. The campsites are far apart and offer shared ablutions. The campsites are around camel thorn trees to provide some shelter during your stay in the camp. There is a restaurant and bar and a shop to stock up on supplies.

Sesriem campsite is very popular. This is from where you can have an early morning start and enter the road towards Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. Nothing beats an early morning sunrise of the Namib dunes. The campsite is the perfect location, and we recommend that you plan a minimum of two nights' stay at this camp. This will ensure you experience both sunrise and sunset over the Namib desert.

Sesriem Canyon

The name Sesriem refers to six leather lashes. These leather lashes are from the ox's neck pulling ox wagons. They were tied together and lowered down the Sesriem canyon with a bucket. These six lashes collected a bucket of drinking water. This is where the name Sesriem is derived from. Staying at Sesriem campsite, you can visit the Namib Dunes and go hike down the Sesriem Canyon.

Sesriem camp is inside the National park. The campsite has designated camping areas under the camel thorn trees. The advantage of staying at the Sesriem campsite is that you can enter the park before sunrise. Sossusvlei and Deadvlei are 60 km from the campsite. We recommend rising early and driving towards Sossusvlei to view the sunrise over the Namib dunes. The colours of the Namib Desert especially early morning and late afternoon is spectacular. Visit the Namib desert this season and book your stay at Sesriem Campsite.

Sesriem Campsite Facilities.

  • A Gas Station with fuel is available.
  • Shop selling all basic amenities.
  • Secure Parking Area.
  • Restaurant & Bar

Naukluft campsite

Namibia Wildlife Resorts Accommodation Information


MINIMUM STAY: 2 nights

Maximum 8 people per campsite

Namibia Wildlife Resorts Product Pricing


Sesriem Campsite Rates

Service Nov 2023 - Oct 2024
Camping, per person - max 8 NAD 610
A shuttle from 2x4 parking to Sossusvlei NAD 180
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